The Westfjords

"Vestfirðir" is Iceland's most remote region. It is located in the northwest and only connected by a seven kilometres wide isthmus to the mainland.

The coastline is shaped by fjords with steep mountainsides and there are even areas without roads.

Ísafjörður is the district's capital with 2.700 citizens (Jan. 2020) and Patreksfjörður Iceland's most western town with a little more than 700 inhabitants.

The Westfjord's overall population decreased between 1920 and 2020 from around 13,500 to 7,100 citizens - almost 50% less in 100 years!



Látrabjarg Bird's Rock / Ritur (adult Kittiwake)

Kittiwake - young bird / first year

Lunda (Puffin)



Ósvör Sjóminjasafnið / Maritime Museum

Drift wood