Who we are...

We are open-minded travellers from Bavaria (Germany),
respecting nature, culture, law and people.

Sometimes we're taking photos!

Jörg Ostenrieder (2000-2023)
Thomas Wolf (2016)
Patrick Scholl (2016)
Robert Messmer (2019-2023)
Michael Birk (2022)
Julia P. (2022)
Louis P. (2022)

Mostly we fly directly from Munich to Keflavik, but sometimes we also take the land and sea route from Germany via Denmark, Faroe Islands to Seyðisfjörður.

Details about a four weeks road trip and why we drive exactly this modified Jeep (picture to the right) you'll find in the upper menu under "MUNICH-ICELAND".

Why "huh.is"...?

In 2016 at Arnarhóll near Reykjavik's Concerthouse Harpa there is a huge live video broadcasting event for the legendary soccer game Iceland : England in the European Championship. Fortunately we are right in the middle of that gigantic crowd! (Photo to the right)

The first goal is 0:1 for England but the second one is for Iceland. Suddenly the whole crowd goes completely silent, you can hear two drumbeats and everybody starts to clap and shout like synchronized "HUH" - "HUH" - "HUH" - "HUH" faster and faster.

Next and final goal 2:1 Iceland : England. The crowd boils... suddenly silent... two drumbeats ... "HUH" - "HUH" - "HUH" - "HUH"...

That kind of icelandic national scream is pure viking power!

After the match, a few pubs later, I type in my mobile "www.huh.is" wondering who's running this cool domain. No response - server cannot be found! I immediately call my friend Matthias, who instantly registers the domain for us. That's it.

Now we are "www.huh.is".

Thank's to...

for patiently answering all of my annoying questions about Iceland.

for her warm welcome, a unique incredible breakfast and the beautiful tree of life. (Photo to the right)

for helping us with the brakes on the Jeep.

for sharing all of his expertise about Iceland.

for the website's concept.

for hearing all of my calls for help.

Frances & Ian
for the best 5-days-covid-quarantine you can imagine.