Ice Caves or

Glacier Caves

In Iceland glacier caves are mostly called ice caves. So we are not in an icy mountain cave - we are inside a glacier!

Glacier caves are created by meltwater pouring into the glacier, melting the ice and flowing off at the bottom of the glacier. These drains can expand into very large pipes and tunnels, which are then called a cave.

Especially in Iceland (in addition to the meltwater) there are sometimes subglacial rivers, which are created by geothermal energy and flow at the bottom of the glacier. This warm water also causes cave formation.

The caves form in summer and can usually be visited in the winter months from November until March, when no meltwater drains in and the caves are stable.

The photos are taken in the "Crystal Ice Cave". It was discovered in winter 2021 and is locaded in the south-eastern area of Langjökull.

Our day begins with crossing Hellisheiði (Hringvegur direction south) in "usual" weather conditions

We start our tour to the cave from Skjól Camping north-east of Langjökull near Geysir / Gullfoss

Modified busses on 44 inch tires bring us to the base camp on the glacier

We drive ourselves on snowmobiles about 40 minutes to the cave's location

Large blocks of ice appear on a slope edge covered in snowdrifts

The cave's entrance is at the bottom of this ice wall (hight approx. 10 meters)

First view into the cave - The dome is about 20 meters high

Size comparison: Metal rods below in the middle of the picture

Unfortunately it was not possible to climb down to the bottom of the cave

The colors are created by different mixtures of frozen water and volcanic ash

The shapes are caused by the melting process in summer and sometimes by geothermal hot water

Sunset at Langjökull

An unusually large amount of snow has fallen since the beginning of the season

We leave the basekamp at nightfall

Even glacier trucks have problems with this amount of snow

And if no vehicle can go any further, then things start to get interesting for "Sleipnir"!